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X-Particles is a fully-featured advanced particle and VFX system for MAXON’s Cinema 4D. Multithreaded, X-Particles utilises all of your computers CPUs whenever possible for speed and efficiency. A unique rule system of Questions and Actions enables complete control over particle simulations.

Company : insydium
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An essential component of an artist’s toolkit, X-Particles is the solution to satisfy all your particle needs: Cloth, Smoke, Fire, Fluids, Grains and Dynamics. Designers can switch effortlessly between motion graphics and VFX, within a unified system. Create outstanding ParticleFX from Solar Systems, FUI, Holograms and medical visualisations to abstract artwork. Multiple options to combine Emitters and Modifiers, gives you a vast range of possibilities.

Data Mapping : Fully exchange, manipulate and combine particle data from every place within X-Particles. Use the Data Mapping tab in each X-Particles modifier to access particle attributes like texture, brightness, speed or temperature, giving a totally new level of control.

Key Features : The three essential driving forces behind X-Particles simulations; Dynamics – bringing life to your particles, Generators – creating geometry, splines and volumes and Modifiers – to control and manipulate your particles behaviour.

Dynamics : A wide range of Dynamic modules from Constraints to Fluids and Fire means you can add life to your particles, replicating realistic physical particle behaviour. Our interactive tools are intuitive, combining a whole host of X-Particles effects using multi-threaded options leaving you with unlimited possibilities and the ability to create caches for the production pipeline.

Generators : Generate fast and stable geometry and Splines from particles. Attach your animated models to create realistic cache ready simulations. X-Particles comes with Particle Color support, plus the New OpenVDB Support for industry standard meshing.

Modifiers : A wide range of modifiers enables you to create exceptional effects, with a simple and intuitive workflow aided by effect stacking. Multi-threaded options and a unique and straightforward system of Questions and Actions means you have full control of your particles. Plus, Datamapping from particle information and complete R20 Field Support.

OpenVDB Meshing : Streamlined workflow for meshing using our filtering system, means you can layer up your effects, generate smooth flowing surfaces, remesh geometry objects or create complex models. OpenVDB enables you to entirely art direct meshes; you can take total control of your artwork.

Questions and Actions : X-Particles uses a unique system of Questions and Actions giving you full control over your particle simulations without the need for Xpresso or Cinema 4D’s native particle system. Bring your simulations to life with easy to use tools for everything from particle life, size, age, color and much more. You can edit particles and set groups, giving you complete control.

Smoke, Fire and Advection

Add realistic fluid dynamics to your particles, you can also transfer physical and colour data from explosions. Advection enables you to combine ExplosiaFX with FluidFX and ClothFX, giving you amazing results.

Key Features : X-Particles beauty is its versatility, not only can you create realistic Fire and Smoke simulations. You can also mix ExplosiaFX, Fluid and Cloth to develop fantastic Advection effects.

Fire : Produce custom chemical burning models to create hyper-realistic Fire simulations. Combine Linear, advanced and smart advection modes, with Pressure, Curl and Turbulence support to create a multitude of combustion effects. Intuitive and Fast workflow means Explosia is the go to tool for all your burning requirements.

Smoke : Create Smoke effects with Explosia, manipulate the level of diffusion, dissipation and buoyancy with intuitive precise controls. For the finer details use our Vorticity Refinement, you can also add object collisions to your simulations with fluids or solids. Combined with a range of X-Particle Modifiers, you can generate a truly extensive range of smoke effects.

Advection : Advection means you can add hyper-realistic fluid dynamics to your particles. You can transfer physical and colour data from explosions. Advection allows you to combine ExplosiaFX with Fluid and Cloths with impressive results.

Flowfield Modifier : Our velocity field generator, FlowField lets you create custom velocity field effects. You can drive particles and ExplosiaFX simulations with Splines, Object Tangents or Normals, and use the Cinema 4D noises to art direct your own custom turbulence. The possibilities with Flow Fields are endless. They can be mixed and layered to push directed particle effects to the next level.

Emission Control : Endless possibilities with Emission Control, emit Smoke and Fire from geometry with texture support. Emit particles to paint the shape of the explosion, take full control over heat, fuel, smoke and velocity channels. Full Object and Particle Colour Support allows you to create Fire and Smoke from Fluid and ClothFX.

OpenVDB Support : Our industry standard particle meshing, the powerful OpenVDB framework. With a streamlined workflow for meshing using our filtering system, you can layer up your effects, generate smooth flowing surfaces, remesh geometry objects or create complex models. OpenVDB enables you to entirely art direct meshes; you can take total control of your artwork.

X-Particles Modifier : Experience a huge amount of control due to the deep integration into the X-Particles modifier toolset. Add custom winds and turbulences to shape the direction of your smoke and fire. In combination with the new FlowField you are able to direct your simulation along splines and objects.

Vorticity Refinement : The Vorticity feature of ExplosiaFX enables you to add fine details to your simulations. A high amount of vorticity will amplify the “curly” features in the fluid. This will allow you to create a wide range of fire and smoke effects from a small candle fire to large scale explosions.


Fluids and Grains

Our Liquid and Grain Solver enables you to create stunning large and small-scale fluid simulations. From stunning beaches, with waves and ocean spray, to beautiful product shot splashes, giving you full control over the fine detail.

FluidFX Granular : Create physically accurate sand and snow effects with our FluidFX Granular solver. Render as particles or create custom geometry using our OpenVDB mesher.

Key Features : X-Particles has some unique Solvers and Modifiers to create realistic fluid effects. FluidPBD and FluidFX for small to large-scale liquid and granular simulations. Flip Domain for medium to large-scale liquid simulations. And for the finer details; xpSplash for the perfect crown splashes, xpSheeter for generating thin sheets in fluid simulations and xpWave Modifier for artist driven wave generation.

FluidFX : The new FluidFX solver is the tool to create highly realistic grain and liquid solving, using the latest in SPH (Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics) methods for large and small scale fluid simulations. You’ll see fast and accurate results, along with the mixed density support allowing you to combine water, snow and sand all at once.

FluidPBD​​ : The FluidPBD is a particle-based dynamic solver, ideal for small-scale fluid creation for motion design. Combined with a multitude of other X-Particles modules makes this a designer friendly solver with very flexible options to achieve accurate and stable results.

FLIP Domain : Create realistic water simulations with the volume-based FLIP fluid solver called xpDomain. The Domain is a multipurpose velocity field solver that creates smooth particle motion, without the limitations of particles.

Splash : The new xpSplash Modifier allows precise shaping of water simulations to form crown splashes with FluidFX. Highly adjustable and easy to use via vector handles, making this tool a welcome addition to the Fluids toolset.

Sheeter : Improve the look of your water splashes with the new xpSheeter, autodetecting holes in fluids and filling them with thin film particles to mimic real-world fluid sheeting.

Wave Modifier : xpWave is a newly designed Modifier to apply wave forces to your FluidFX simulations. Adjust wave height and frequency with easy to use options and noise patterns to produce wave forces.

xpSheeter : The new xpSheeter object brings realism into small scale fluid simulations by adding detailed thin film surfaces inbetween fluid particles. This creates continuous surfaces, therefore pushing art directed fluids to a whole new level.

FluidFX Granular Advection : Fuse Fire and Smoke simulations with FluidFX Granular to achieve new types of fracturing and dissolves. The “Advection” feature of ExplosiaFX can influence grain-particle movement combining the best of both worlds.

FluidFX Granular : Use FluidFX in the Granular mode to create realistic sand sculptures. Why not smash them to pieces using scene objects, water or even more sand.

Fluids and ExplosiaFX  : Set your fluid simulations on Fire with native ExplosiaFX Support. You can control fuel, temperature and smoke separately to create hyper-realistic burning effects.

SnowFX : From dry powder to wet slush, FluidFX allows you to create and art direct highly realistic snow scenes in an intuitive, artist-friendly way.

Foam and Spray : Enrich your fluid simulations with Foam dynamics; this feature enables you to generate foam, trapped air and spray particles on top of your FluidPBD and FluidFX simulations. With full control of your fluids speed, wave crest curvature and particle compression you can quickly customise the behaviour and amount of foam and spray generated.


Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics and Object Shattering are features of the new xpDynamics and xpShatter tools. The perfect solution for visual effects production, bend and shatter reality with X-Particles DynamicsFX.

DynamicFX : Stepping closer into the realms of fully dynamic Motion Design. The new xpDynamics tag can put every geometry and spline into the X-Particles system to interact with xpModifiers and dynamic systems like ExplosiaFX and FluidFX.

Key Features : xpDynamics and xpShatter are bringing Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics to X-Particles with an incredible amount of control via particle-based solving. xpShatter allows you to break apart any Scene Object, providing you with the perfect destruction tool, smash, shatter and collapse.

Rigid Body Dynamics : Generated rigid bodies which can interact with all xpColliders in your scene, allowing variable friction and bounce properties.

Soft Body Dynamics : The Rigidity and Constraint features of the xpDynamics tag allows you to transform geometry into soft objects, fully interacting with its surrounding.

Shattering : The xpShatter slices and breaks your geometry into volumetric pieces and is highly customisable to achieve recursive destruction or glass breaking.

Particle Based Dynamics : Being particle-based means full control over your rigid and soft bodies using all X-Particle Modifiers. Simply apply an xpDynamics tag to your scene objects and see how the forces are creating:

  • Rigid Body Dynamics
  • Soft Body Dynamics
  • Spline Dynamics
  • xpGenerator Support
  • Mograph Cloner Support
  • Fluid Support
  • Questions & Actions
  • Spawning
  • Modifiers
  • ExplosiaFX
  • Recursive Shattering

The new xpShatter allows you to break apart any Scene Object. Use Objects, Splines, Particles and Point Generators to control shattering! Multiple shatters can be triggered using Time, Speed, Volumes and Collisions. Recursive shattering can be simulated by layering up unlimited shatter layers and triggers.

Geometric Dissection : xpShatter provides full control over slicing your models into precise pieces by allowing the use of multiple shatter sources such as Curves, Primitives, Custom Geometry and Particles. With xpShatter you can choose between volume and surface-only shattering, giving you many options for geometric dissection.

X-Particles Integration : Full integration means you can use X-Particles Modifiers, Questions & Actions, Data Mapping and Dynamics to control the shattered object pieces. You’ve even got presets to help you quickly create Glass and Wood Shatter Models.


Drive Cloth simulations with any Modifier, then rip it apart with the advanced tearing options. ClothFX adds a whole new dimension to motion design effects and destruction VFX shots.

ClothFX : Our particle-based Cloth engine is fully integrated into the X-Particles workflow. ClothFX brings you remarkably fast cloth simulations. You can add dynamic tearing within particle groups and use the Constraints Collision System. Plus, with features such as tearing, pinning, stickiness and plasticity this is a truly precious feature.

Key Features  : This particle based ClothFX module is fully integrated into the software engine. Enabling you to create stunning cloth effects with full X-Particles support.

Cloth Dynamics : ClothFX Dynamics system brings extremely controllable simulations, mainly due to its ability to interact with forces like gravity, wind or other objects.

Sticking : Utilising other modifiers, allows Cloth to realistically replicate material interacting with sticky surfaces, offering you fantastic peeling effects.

Tearing  : You can drive your cloth simulation with any X-Particles Modifier. Use a vertex map for precision tearing, simply pin and rip it apart with the advanced tearing options.

ClothFX Tearing : The powerful tearing feature of ClothFX allows you to fully control cutting, tearing and breaking of your cloth surface. You can use edge, point, polygon-selections and vertex maps to precisely predefine your tearing patterns. With the support of particle groups you are able to create unique cloth effects for any purpose.

ClothFX Pinning : With the ClothFX pinning tools you are able to quickly connect your cloth simulation to any other geometry within Cinema 4D. The closest points of your polygon objects are automatically connected once you create a Pin Map from your point selection.

X-Particles Integration : Create stunning cloth effects with full X-Particles support. The particle based ClothFX module is fully integrated into the X-Particles engine. This allows you to apply the full modifier and dynamics toolset to combine ParticleFX with your Cloth simulation.

ClothFX and ExplosiaFX : The unified system of X-Particles allows you to add Fire and Smoke to your Cloth simulation easily. Tear-maps and fuelled particle groups will enable you to run an ExplosiaFX simulation at the same time. With the new Infectio modifier you can control the burning direction procedurally.


X-Particles has the most advanced particle rendering solution on the market. It enables you to render particles, splines, smoke and fire, all within the Cinema 4D renderer. Included are a range of shaders for sprites, particle wet maps and skinning colour, you can even use sound to texture your objects.

Cycles 4D Rendering : X-Particles natively supports rendering with Cycles 4D. A dedicated bridge plugin allowing Cinema 4D users to access the Cycles rendering engine directly inside Cinema 4D. You can use particle information to drive Cycle 4D materials. It also includes native volume rendering of ExplosiaFX and Domain, and full-colour Support.

Fast Point Rendering : Particle rendering and high-quality fast point rendering means every channel has access to modifiers to give you even more control over the end result.

Physical Renderer : X-Particles support Cinema 4D Physical Rendering to achieve photorealism. With full Object Colour support for the Generator and Skinner. Plus, Sound, Proximity and Wet Shader.

Smoke and Fire : X-Particles comes with a dedicated rendering solution for smoke and fire simulations. Access smoke, fire, fuel and temperature data separately to shape your flames.

Support for 3rd Party Renderers

Compatible with the following 3rd Party Render Engines:

  • Cinema 4D Standard Renderer
  • Cinema 4D Physical Renderer
  • Cycles 4D – The Perfect Partner*
  • Arnold
  • Octane
  • Redshift


Generators : X-Particles provides a vast range of possibilities to create and render geometry from particles. From lightning generators, spline meshing and geometric fragmenting, each X-Particles Generator delivers with high performance and stability.

More information and buy : https://insydium.ltd/products/x-particles/



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