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3D OBJ (Wavefront) File Format

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Wavefront (OBJ) format is the most widely adopted 3D model storage format. OBJ is a format that many 3D programs use in common. This is because in addition to the OBJ geometry format, it is text-based and very simple to understand. As a result of its simplicity, it is usually the first format that any 3D tool imports and exports. It is usually the only format supported by almost every 3D software program. An ideal feature for high-quality modeling tools is that the OBJ file format allows storage of normal and UV data in locations with different topologies.

The worst thing about the OBJ file format is that detailed projects with large dimensions cause slow work.  Since it is a text-based file format, it creates a file of very large sizes in detailed studies. Another downside is that separate location, normal and UV topologies are valuable if you want to edit the model in obj format again, they slow down the loading of OBJ file data into a game engine for creation. Before uploading to the GPU, you need to do a post-processing process to combine topologies and convert them to triangles.

The OBJ file format focuses on storing a single model without any hierarchy of scenes, animations, lighting, overlays, as they are designed as storage format for a modeling tool. Obj is a 3D format in which you cannot store a 3D scene or an animated work.

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