C4D shaders scene – Display

Enhance C4D shaders scene Display An example of using of amazing toolset developed by Chris Montesano Enhance:C4D. Enhance:C4D is a…

Some gear rigs & plugins

GearBuilder 1.02       GearBuilder is a small but nevertheless helpful plugin for building almost any kind of gear….

Free Tape Character 3D model

Alejandro Enguilo from a-lx.net has been gracious enough to donate his Tape Character Rig used in his Jumping Tape Remix…

Free C4D Model Pack

Fluorescent Bulb Coffee Cup Lego Man Rolleiflex Camera Space Gun Tron Car VW Van Download free 3d model pack 888…

Free C4D Audi S5 3d model

Enviroment and Interior not included, 20 hd renders include, textures too. High poly model. Download free model 395 Views