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What is 3D Modeling?

free 3d models

3D modeling is the process of creating a three-dimensional mathematical model of an object with special programs that use computer graphics. 3D Models are virtual renderings in which an object can be rendered as close to reality in a photographic way as possible. The technologies used in animated films are obtained by adding movements to the 3D Modeled characters and videotaping them. Visual previews are created by rendering prepared with the 3D modeling process. The models made in 3D modeling programs are prepared in parts, in details such as different textures, surfaces, light settings.

With new technologies, a real object that is desired to be modeled in 3D can be scanned with a certain equation with devices called 3D scanners and transferred to modeling programs. The scans transferred to 3D Modeling programs are arranged and given a realistic structure.

The most practical and easy method of creating a visual preview of a project of a product or structure is to create a 3D model of the work considered. For example, you are thinking of building a building, Technical drawings and floor plans are ready, but if your customer wants to see how the building will look when it is completed, a 3D Modeling study is prepared over the technical drawings without waiting for the completion of the building and the 3D Visuals created by rendering can be presented to the customer and shown as completed.

3D Modeling Programs

There are many applications that have been developed for different purposes, but ultimately all do 3D Modeling. People who want to do simple structure and part modeling can use SketchUp, while people who want to create machine parts and do building modeling can choose AutoCAD or SolidWorks program. 3D modeling programs can also be used in animation and drawing game graphics. 3D Studio Max is one of the most frequently used programs in 3D modeling for 3D animations. The 3DS Max program is often used today in the preparation of special effects in movies, the creation of animation models, the creation of game graphics, and architectural work. Cinema 4D program is preferred for Motion Graphic studies. Although it has an easy to use, it has the features of many advanced programs. Other known 3D Modeling programs are Blender, Colloda, Maya, Rhinoceros, Lightwave.

Free 3D Models

There are many free 3D models on our website that our users have created for their own projects and that you can use only by editing without remodeling when you need to use them in your own work. Without being a member of our site, you can download these 3d models to your computer and use them in your 3D video, 3D game, VFX, scenes.

Many free 3d models in different categories are offered to you by adding new ones every day.


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