Why Maxon Cinema 4D ?

Why Maxon Cinema 4D ?

The Cinema 4D, produced by MAXON Computer, was adopted very quickly by animators and was used in many projects. Maxon has not released Cinema 4D as a competition to the leading 3D Studio Max in this field. A Dec is designed in a way that provides quite clever and easy to use. Thanks to this interface, you can perform all the design tasks in an extremely affordable environment and easily reach the tools you want. Obviously, the program is easy to learn, so even those who are unable to 3D design can easily infect it.

The program is compatible with many 3D file formats, including Direct 3D, illustrator, Lightwave, VRML, QuickDraw 3D, shockwave 3D and DXF files. In addition, the browser feature allows you to interact with all objects in the project much more easily. With interactive Polygon and point modeling tools, you can shape objects as you wish, and achieve results with advanced deformation tools such as bend, twist, bulge, melt, wrap, explosion. NURBS controls also include functions that will help you in your modeling. With modeling tools such as array, boolean, instance, metaball, you can copy objects, extract or collect objects from one object to another.

The dynamics module allows you to apply physics-based events such as gravity, inclination, wind, external effects, impact-response to objects. For example, you can easily create flex when the plastic ball is hit with the dynamics plug-in. Advanced rendering is especially prominent in the lighting. Depth of field, light reflective from objects, shading operations and light refraction to be rendered close to the reality of the advanced rendering professionals consciously can not give up. Cinema 4D offers two alternative packages as well as standard packages. Cinema 4D XL, MOCCA, advanced rendering, Thinking parts, pyrocluster and net rendering modules include three users can run the program on the network. Cinema 4D studio includes all the modules and includes unlimited users of the package.

Customizable menus, buttons and shortcuts can provide great convenience for people in different professional groups. A person who wants to do modeling will not use shortcuts and buttons instead of the use of more shortcuts and buttons to define and customize the screen matching to their own request. This means a more efficient workspace and a more comfortable screen control. Cinema 4D allows a designer to use separate skins with an animator. This is a feature not available in similar programs. One of the powerful features of the program is the powerful lighting effects. In the tests we have done, the success of these effects reflected the true atmosphere. For example, in your work you can get interesting and amazing locations using different light sources such as Omni, distant, spot Round / Square, parallel, parallel spot Round / Square clubs, area lights.


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