Sketchfab Support for Latest Cinema 4D R25

 Sketchfab Support for Latest Cinema 4D R25

Updated Sketchfab Cinema 4D Plugin offers compatibility with latest release and introduces support for Sketchfab for Teams.

Sketchfab, the popular platform to publish and share 3D, VR and AR content, recently updated their Cinema 4D plugin to support Cinema 4D R25 and S24. Using the plugin, users can import more than 740,000 free Sketchfab models and any of their purchased models directly into Cinema 4D. The updated plugin now enables users of Cinema 4D R25 and S24 to upload 3D objects and animations directly from Cinema 4D to the Sketchfab platform.

The update also adds support for Sketchfab for Teams, a platform for co-workers to easily share, manage and collaborate on 3D assets.

Sketchfab for Cinema 4D 1.5.0 is available immediately from Sketchfab’s Github page.


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