Shortcuts for Cinema 4d

R9 Shortcuts and Hotkeys

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Destination Function Qualifier Key1 Key2 Hotkey
Animation Autokeying Ctrl + F9
Animation Goto End Shift + F
Animation Goto Next Frame G
Animation Goto Next Key Ctrl + G
Animation Goto Previous Frame F
Animation Goto Previous Key Ctrl + F
Animation Goto Start Shift + G
Animation Play Backwards F6
Animation Play Forwards F8
Animation Record Active Objects F9
Animation Toggle Parameter Recording A
Animation Toggle Point Level Animation L
Attribute Manager Attribute Manager Shift + F5
Body Paint Decrease Brush Hardness Shift + [
Body Paint Decrease Brush Hardness Shift + ,
Body Paint Decrease Brush Pressure Ctrl + ,
Body Paint Decrease Brush Pressure Ctrl + [
Body Paint Decrease Brush Size [
Body Paint Decrease Brush Size ,
Body Paint Increase Brush Hardness Shift + .
Body Paint Increase Brush Hardness Shift + ]
Body Paint Increase Brush Pressure Ctrl + .
Body Paint Increase Brush Pressure Ctrl + ]
Body Paint Increase Brush Size .
Body Paint Increase Brush Size ]
Body Paint Rotate Brush Clockwise Alt + .
Body Paint Rotate Brush Clockwise Alt + ]
Body Paint Rotate Brush Counterclockwise Alt + [
Body Paint Rotate Brush Counterclockwise Alt + ,
Browser Import Directory Shift + O
Browser Import File Shift + Ctrl + O
Browser New Catalog Ctrl + N
Browser Open Catalog Ctrl + O
Browser Save Catalog As Shift + Ctrl + S
Editor Close All Projects Shift + Ctrl + F4
Editor Close Project Ctrl + F4
Editor Close Window Shift + W
Editor Coordinate Manager Shift + F7
Editor Coordinate System W
Editor Copy Text Ctrl + C
Editor Create New Project Ctrl + N
Editor Cut Text Ctrl + X
Editor Delete Backspace
Editor Delete Delete
Editor F-Curve Manager Shift + F4
Editor General Popup V X
Editor Merge Project Shift + Ctrl + O
Editor Open Console Alt + F9
Editor Open Existing Project Ctrl + O
Editor Save Project As Shift + Ctrl + S
Editor Save Projects Ctrl + S
Editor Toggle Parent Generator Q
Material Manager Load Materials Shift + Ctrl + O
Material Manager Material Manager Shift + F2
Material Manager New Material Ctrl + N
Material Manager Save Material As Shift + Ctrl + S
Object Manager Expand Object Group Shift + G
Object Manager Group Objects G
Object Manager Info on selected Ctrl + I
Object Manager Load Object Shift + Ctrl + O
Object Manager Object Manager Shift + F1
Object Manager Save Object As Shift + Ctrl + S
Object Manager Scene Information Ctrl + I
Object Manager Search For Ctrl + F
Picture Viewer Blue B
Picture Viewer Grayscale S
Picture Viewer Green G
Picture Viewer Picture Viewer Shift + F6
Picture Viewer Red R
Structure Manager Import ASCII Data Shift + Ctrl + O
Structure Manager Jump End End
Structure Manager Jump Home Home
Structure Manager Jump Last Selection L
Structure Manager Jump Next Selection N
Structure Manager Jump Page Down Page Down
Structure Manager Jump Page Up Page Up
Structure Manager Show UVW U
Structure Manager Show Vertex Map V
Timeline Timeline Shift + F3
Viewport Add Point M A
Viewport Align Normal U A
Viewport All Views F5
Viewport Auto Switch Mode Alt + W
Viewport Bevel M S
Viewport Box N K
Viewport Bridge M B
Viewport Bridge B
Viewport Brush M C
Viewport Change Modelling Axis F11 X
Viewport Close Polygon Hole M D
Viewport Collapse U C
Viewport Configure All Viewports Alt + V
Viewport Configure Viewport Shift + V
Viewport Constant Shading N E
Viewport Convert Selection U X
Viewport Create Polygon M E
Viewport Deafult Mode Alt + Q
Viewport Deselect All Shift + Ctrl + A
Viewport Disable Axis Handle F12 X
Viewport Disconnect U D
Viewport Edge Cut M F
Viewport Extrude D
Viewport Extrude M T
Viewport Extrude Inner I
Viewport Extrude Inner M W
Viewport Fill Selection U F
Viewport Frame Active Objects Alt + O
Viewport Frame Active Objects O
Viewport Frame Scene without Camera/Light H
Viewport Frame Scene without Camera/Light Alt + H
Viewport Frame Selected Elements Alt + S
Viewport Frame Selected Elements S
Viewport Free Selection 8 X
Viewport Gouraud Shading N A
Viewport Gouraud Shading (Lines) N B
Viewport Grow Selection U Y
Viewport Hidden Line N F
Viewport Invert All Shift + A
Viewport Invert Selection U I
Viewport Iron M G
Viewport Isoparms N I
Viewport Knife M H
Viewport Knife K
Viewport Lines N G
Viewport Live Selection 9 X
Viewport Loop Selection U L
Viewport Magnet M I
Viewport Make Editable C
Viewport Matrix Extrude M X
Viewport Melt U Z
Viewport Mirror Selected M K
Viewport Modelling Popup Alt + Ctrl + V
Viewport Move Camera 1 X
Viewport Move Camera Alt + MMB X
Viewport Move Modeling Axis Position F10 X
Viewport Move Object 4 X
Viewport Move Tool E
Viewport N-Gon Triangulation U T
Viewport Normal Move M Z
Viewport Normal Rotate M ,
Viewport Normal Scale M #
Viewport Outline Selection U Q
Viewport Quick Shading N C
Viewport Quick Shading (Lines) N D
Viewport Rectangle Selection 0 X
Viewport Redo View Shift + Ctrl + Y
Viewport Redraw A
Viewport Remove N-Gons U E
Viewport Render View Ctrl + R
Viewport Retriangulate N-Gons U G
Viewport Reverse Normals U R
Viewport Ring Selection U B
Viewport Rotate R
Viewport Rotate Camera Alt + LMB X
Viewport Rotate Camera 3 X
Viewport Rotate Object 6 X
Viewport Scale T
Viewport Scale Camera Alt + RMB X
Viewport Scale Camera 2 X
Viewport Scale Modeling 7 X
Viewport Scale Object 5 X
Viewport Select All Ctrl + A
Viewport Select Connected U W
Viewport Set Point Value M L
Viewport Show Object Handles Alt + D
Viewport Show Points P
Viewport Show Polygons O
Viewport Shrink Selection U K
Viewport Skeleton N L
Viewport Slide the points and edges M O
Viewport Smooth Shift M Y
Viewport Split Selected U P
Viewport Stitch and Sew M P
Viewport Subdivide U S
Viewport Timewarp J X
Viewport Toggel Modeling Mode Return
Viewport Toggle Active Tool Space
Viewport Toggle Active View Page Down
Viewport Toggle Active View Page Up
Viewport Tweak Mode Alt + E
Viewport Undo Action Shift + Z
Viewport Undo View Shift + Ctrl + Z
Viewport Untriangulate Selected U U
Viewport Use Backface Culling N P
Viewport Use Isoline Editing Alt + A
Viewport Use Shading Property N O
Viewport Use Stacked Materials N S
Viewport Use Textures N Q
Viewport Use X-Ray N R
Viewport View 1 F1
Viewport View 2 F2
Viewport View 3 F3
Viewport View 4 F4
Viewport Weight HN . X
Viewport Weight HN M R
Viewport Weld Points M Q
Viewport Wireframe N H
Viewport X-Axis / Heading X
Viewport Y-Axis / Pitch Y
Viewport Z-Axis / Bank Z

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