Free 3D Drift Trike Model

Free 3D Drift Trike Model

High quality Vehicle Free C4D  Models. All textures and materials are included. Free download this Vehicle 3d model and put it into your scene,you can use  in your 3d project, animation, visual effects, simulation, 3d rendering or other field related to 3d design.  You can see the download link under of the page. You can easily download and use the 3D model you want. Our web site has thousands of free 3D models available for free download. Drift triking has a dedicated following and is quickly growing in popularity across the globe. The origins of drift trikes come from New Zelland, fuelled by its on-going car and drift culture of ‘boy racers’ and car enthusiasts. Drift triking quickly began to spread to other countries soon after, including Australia, the United States, Colombia, many European nations and various other countries. In 2011, a non-profit organization called the American Drift Trike Association was founded in the United States, with the goal of promoting the sport of drift triking. (Wikipedia)

Formats : Obj
Size : 42 mb

Free 3D Drift Trike Model


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