Bend Modular Sofa 3D Model

The model is made on a metal frame with a filler of elastic PPU. Upholstery – a dark fabric decorated with a contrasting light stitch along the edges. Other color options can be selected from the manufacturer’s catalog, all modules can be arranged in random order. It conveys the impression of a 3D model and digital research. It seems a monolith that has been shaped by subtraction, rounded and molded by the designer. The irregular shape enhances the comfort, the contrasting seams, the design and movement. Bend Sofa combines manual skills and technology, solidity and strength, along with considerable flexibility in terms of use.

Country of origin: Italy
Brand: B & B Italia
Style: modern
Appearance: angular
Formats: Cinema 4d, 3ds Max, fbx, and all textures. Vray Materials

Bend Modular Sofa 3D Model


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