Sliding Door Cabinet 3D Model

Sliding Door Cabinet 3D Model

Mida cabinet from the Italian manufacturer B & B Italia. Design by Antonio Citterio. Designer model for a modern interior. The frame and legs are metal, the body is made of solid wood. Colors according to the manufacturer’s catalog.

The common denominator in Mida containers is a base in bronzed, glossy chrome-plated, painted nickelled orpainted black steel profiles which supports various types of containers: the smallest with feet are availablein two heights with doors that rotate out 270° and various internal accessories; the long, low cupboard withrotating doors reveals either the two exterior compartments or the central compartments; the large bookshelf is distinguished by a sliding door in reflective bronzed glass; the chest of drawers is available in two sizes. Woodtypes include grey oak, brown oak, light brushed and black brushed oak and smoky oak. This last finish, thanks to a cut that reproduces the manual craftsmanship of sawn edges, leaves traces of processing that add value to its timeless elegance, a distinguishing feature for Maxalto. Container interiors are in wood or a glossy brick paint.

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