Rotor Blur 3D Model

Rotor Blur 3D Model

Parent the disc model to the rotor head and scale it and rotate it in to position over the real rotors or propellers. Delete or hide the real rotors or props. Make sure the disc does not cast shadow unless you are raytracing. Also, on the file node turn off any anti-aliasing.  Make sure the material has no reflectivity or specularity. I’ve provided 8 different maps, basically 2 color sets for 2-5 blades. If you want to make your own, modify the rotor, duplicate it about the center, and take a top render of it with the center being the hub. Radial blur this render the way you like and then simply change texture to it.

Format : Cinema 4D (.c4d), 3D Studio (.3ds)
Size : 1.4 mb

Rotor Blur 3D Model

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