3D Double Sofa Model

The seat is equipped with a system of rolling and centering rollers moving along the beech guides, rolls back to the side until the first fixation. The small back rotates around its axis and fits on the laundry box, forming a sleeper. To facilitate access to the laundry box, the seat must be rolled further, until the second fixation, holding the drawer to grasp the bottom of the seat (where the beam is), raise it slightly and roll it further.  The frame of the sofa is made of calibrated coniferous timber of the 1st category and birch plywood. Connections – studded, on glue PVA and furniture bracket. The sofa bed is an integral sofa, includes snake springs, a protective felt pad, two layers of PPU of varying degrees of density and stiffness, a layer of Asselex-200 and Spanbond-17. Back cushions and decorative pillows are soft, printed. As a filler, the fiber “Sorel” is used, which is a synthetic analog of sheep’s wool and has excellent hypoallergenic and hygienic properties. The outer cushion covers are removable on the “zipper”, the cover is easily removed for washing or replacement, if you decide to give the couch a new look. Lightning is matched to the color of the pillow.

Brand: March 8
Style: modern
Upholstery: fabric
Frame: wood
Country of production: Russia
Formats: Cinema 4 d, 3ds Max, fbx, and all textures. Vray Materials

3D Double Sofa Model


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