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Capturing and Setting Up Camera Calibration in Cinema 4D

Camera Calibration Tutorial Render

I show you how to capture, prep and calibrate an image using the new Camera Calibration Tool in C4D R14. After that, I show you how to model a simple scene that will use the camera calibration as a texture. This is my first time getting this detailed into modeling and it really wasn’t too bad. Bare with me and hopefully we can learn together.

we will start to do some more detailed modeling and animating to open the garage doors. Then, we will add the dynamic spheres, a camera move, lighting and finish the composite.

Camera Calibration in Cinema 4D Part 1

Camera Calibration in Cinema 4D Part 2

we get more detailed into modeling the scene by adding separate garage doors to animate. Then, we add the spheres using an emitter and light the scene using Softboxes. Finally, we prepare the scene for render and hop into After Effects to finish and composite the final scene.

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