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Some gear rigs & plugins

Gear Builder 1.02

GearBuilder is a small but nevertheless helpful plugin for building almost any kind of gear.

To make it simple, GearBuilder is an expression for constraining the rotation and position of objects to emulate the behaviour of cogwheels, wheels on an axis and wheels connected by belts.

The created gears can either be driven by a GearBuilder motor or simply by keyframing the rotation of the initial wheel.

An example scene as well as the english help files (can be opened from within CINEMA 4D) are contained in the ZIP file.

Example movie (4.87 MB)

GearBuilder is OpenSource and will run in CINEMA 4D R10.1 – R14 under Windows (32 + 64 Bit) and Mac (Intel; 32 + 64 Bit).

Free C4D Xpresso Rig: Gear Rig

from The Pixel Lab

Joren says, “The Gear Rig is a set of three different size gears/cogs and Xpresso sliders that animate each set of them easily. They are even pre-animated for you so you can just throw them in your scene and get instant results.”


Hi all

Wanted to share something I have created for one of my personal project.

It’s a very simple cog/gear setup using xpresso.Simple Cogs Xpresso Setup V01

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