Full description
Vertices: 3298
Polygons: 5544 

Textures: No
Materials: Yes

This 3D model is created by TripRay company.

You can download 4 different 3D formats in ZIP archives:

MAX: 0.103 mb
3D Studio Max 6.0 editable mesh mode:
All geometry converted in editable mesh. Archive file include textures and material file with Vray and standart materials.

3DS: 0.072 mb
Autodesk 3D Studio: Archive file include textures.

OBJ: 0.137 mb
Wavefront Object: Archive file include textures and Wavefront material file.

LWO: 0.087 mb
LightWave 6.0: Archive file include textures.

Rendered by Vray 1.45.70 for max6
Converted by Deep Exploration



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